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Chef Cindy Naki

Hi, My name is Cindy Naki and I originated from the island of Malekula. I’ve been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years as a chef.

I am a proud Ni-van chef.

Chef Cindy's menu...


Fish Choice Fry / Boil

Panfried fish served with island kaikai, steamed vegetables and coconut curry sauce.
VT 500

Beef Steak

Beef Steak served with available root crop, garden salad and beef jus.
VT 500

Stirfry Beef

VT 500

Chicken Curry

Chicken Soup or Sir Fry or Curry, all served with rice, island kaikai & salad.
VT 500



Local Beef Burger

Beef pattie, eggs fried, egg plant, choko, tomato, beef jus & coconut milk.
VT 700

Combination Platter

Beef, chicken, prawns, fish, salad, island kaikai, rice & fruit skewer.
VT 2,500

Set Menu every Wednesday


Banana Soup – with coconut cream, slice garlic bread & banana chips.


Main Course

Signature Dish: Taro Burger – Boiled taro 60g, beef pathe 100g, egg, 3 slice egg plant, 3 slice choko fruit, 4 slice taro, tomato & slide salad served with beef jus & coconut cream.



Manioc Crepes – served with seasonal fruits & home made coconut custard & vanilla ice cream & caramel topping.

Cake Options!

Yes Chef Cindy does cakes too! 

Options start from 3,000 vt.

Catering also available!

Do you have a special occasion coming up & want to celebrate a feast? 

Chef Cindy can do a special order & pricing for your gathering!

Example Gathering Foods

Catering menu

Tea Option

Scone, cake, pancake, fruits, coffee, tea & milo

600 VT per person

Finger Food – Hot Option

Beef / chicken kebabs, marinated chicken wings, stuffed simboro, stuffed snake bean, mini tuluk, meatballs, sausage rolls, samosa, quiche, crumbed fish / chicken / prawns / vegetables.

1,000 VT per person

Finger Food – Cold Option

Mini sandwich – tuna, egg, fish, chicken

Curry egg, prawn, beef canapes

Rice paper roll vegetables

Fruit platter

1,000 VT per person

Lunch Option

Local kaikai
Salad – garden salad, tation fish salad, sweet potato salad, pasta salad
Meat – chicken curry / stir fry, fish panfried / boiled, steak fry / stirfry
Fresh fruit juice – lemon

1,000 VT per person

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